Privacy Policy


International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) considers your privacy very important. ITF respects the privacy of all the Users of Services. All data and personal information provided by a User will be treated as confidential, as per law. We will never sell or share your data to third parties. The information we collect is solely used for operating processes.

1- Right to update, change or remove data

The User is, at all times, entitled to change personal information.

2- Restricted use of information and cookies

Other than the information you have provided to ITF, ITF also stores certain information for the use of the Service, administration, billing and remuneration process. This information includes: your I.P. address, accessed content and other actions you have made using the Service. To store some of this information ITF makes use of cookies. Information stored by ITF will not be traced back to a personal user other than is needed for administrative purposes.

3- Never sell customer data

ITF will not sell your personal information and data to any third party. We also don’t sell or share user data for marketing purpose. Personal data will only be made available to a third party if, and in so far as, is needed for providing you with, or for improving the Service.

4- Clear opt-in policy

Only if you have permitted ITF to use your personal information to inform you about the services will we do so. If you no longer wish to be informed by ITF, contact us at